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Export Agency
Who need our services
If you are the people just like those stated as follows,please don’t hesitate to contact us:
1.       You are the importer,and have found the satisfactory sellers in china, but you don’t have branches or offices in China,or even you have, they don't have export license approved by China Government.
2.       You have planned to set up your own branch or office in China, but you are afraid that it is not worthy to afford so much related costs against your present business.
3.       You are an importer, looking for an agency in China to help you source good sellers/factories, get samples and prices, make delivery and Q.C.etc.
4.       You are an importer and want to open a time L/C, e.g. 90 days, to the seller,but the seller won’t agree and demand a prompt payment.
5.       You are a small quantity buyers,you will purchase few cartons each item mixed in a container.
6.       You have many suppliers around China, but have no time to treat those business one by one. 

Export Agent Process:
1.       Signing Sale/Purchase contract with the sellers as agent of your company.
2.       Receiving L/C from you for the seller.We can accept sight and time L/C.
3.       Paying deposit to the sellers to begin with your order,and paying the rest sum after they deliver the goods and cargo inspection is OK.
4.       Book space with shipping companies or airlines for you with favorable freight rates.
5.       Customs Declaration in China.
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